Detailed Instructions


      To successfully complete Assessment 2 students will be helped to choose one of the trends listed below. TRENDS

Ø Artificial Intelligence

Ø Growing Share Economy

Ø Clean Meat

Ø Augmented/Virtual Reality

Ø Internet of Things

You will then need to present your findings in report format (please see the academic writing guide for the Report Writing Style Guide that must be followed). Please ensure to; · Evaluate the strategic implications of global trends within the hospitality and tourism industries in general · Provide a detailed description of your chosen trend and business outlining/generating ideas for prospective implementation. · Evaluate the sustainable viability of your chosen trend and discuss the implications for your business and the hospitality and tourism industry as a whole both now and in the future · Provide a well-constructed argument for the utilization of your chosen trend in your chosen business. Identify, assess and discuss a minimum of four (4) key arguments for implementation · Identify, assess and discuss a minimum of four(4) challenges/ disruptions the implementation of the trend may cause the prospective business and identify possible solutions to ease any burden

Quick Response

The concept of Artificial Intelligence is slowly taking charge of industries in the society including the hospitality industry. This aspect is influenced by digital innovation and rapid changes in technology. One strategy that has incorporated the AI in the hospitality industry includes booking and staff interactions. AI helps with booking services and products in the hospitality industry
CITATION Sum13 l 1033  (Sumarjan & Mohd, 2013). This approach enhances the speed hence reducing the time taken to serve clients. Integration of social media platforms also helps to manage communication, which influences service delivery of an organization. AI also plays a role in embracing competitive intelligence. That is achieved by using AI to drive the future direction of the organization.

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