Write a report on a trend in business that you’ve observed, and highlight at least the main finding. For example, from the rising cost of textbooks to the online approach to course content, textbooks are a significant issue for students. Draw from your experience as you bring together sources of information to illustrate a trend.

In addition to the guidelines in Exercise 2, your report will need to include the following requirements:

The report will be five pages double-spaced, not including the cover page, abstract page and list of references.
You need to use at least four reliable outside sources published within the last five years.
The report will include at least one visual aid, which does not take up more than one-half page of the report.
You will use APA Style to document/credit sources. You should review the rules for formatting a citation for the References list, but it is not necessary for you to compose a citation from scratch. Use a citation generator. The citation generators produce the citations for you. You plug in the information about your source and the generator gives you the citation. There are several free ones available. I recommend this citation generator: Son of Citation Machine. You can access this generator at: http://citationmachine.net
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In keeping with APA format, after the cover page, your report will include an Abstract. An abstract is just a paragraph summary of your report. Your abstract does not have to include keywords as described in the OWL Purdue guidelines.

APA Format:

To help with using APA Style, please visit the following site from OWL Purdue:
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The links in the menu on the left side of the page will allow you to navigate through the various requirements of APA Style.
You may also use Excelsior Online Writing Lab: https://owl.excelsior.edu/citation-and-documentation/apa-style