The paper talks about the MN584-05 End-of-Life Care-Transitions and Palliative Care. Therefore, Identify best practice in strategies facilitating autonomy and patient self -determination in the aging population

MN584-05 End-of-Life Care-Transitions and Palliative Care

   Firstly, identify best practice in strategies facilitating autonomy and patient self -determination in the aging population.

      Secondly, examine ethical and legal challenges related to end of life and palliative care in the aging population.

Thirdly, examine the advanced practice nurse role working in primary care in transitions across health care settings of aging patients.

Course outcome addressed in this Assignment:

MN584-05: Form a collaborative relationship with the patient, family, and other health care providers.


Case Study: Mrs. Georgia D’Angelo

Mrs. Georgia D’Angela is 76 years old. So, She has married to her husband Marcus for 58 years. Marcus is 80 years old. The D’Angelo’s live in a well-kept, middle class home. So, The D’Angelo’s have three grown children: two sons and one daughter. Besides, All of the children are married and only their daughter lives close to them. The two sons each live more than 3 and a half hours away.

MN584-05 End-of-Life Care-Transitions and Palliative Care

The D’Angelo’s are very close to their children and talk with the children every day. Four months ago, Mrs. D’Angelo noticed her skin was “yellowish” in color and upon calling her primary care provider, she was told to go immediately to the emergency room for evaluation. After having a CT scan of the abdomen and laboratory studies, Mrs. D’Angelo was told she had pancreatic cancer and that she should immediately have a Whipple Procedure. This news was devastating to the D’Angelo’s and their family and friends. Then, Mrs. D’Angelo called a friend who is a nurse and asked who she might go to for a second opinion.So,  A second opinion was obtained and the second opinion reaffirmed the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer however the recommendation was to have chemotherapy prior to the Whipple Procedure.

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