Topic One: Curriculum Area Analysis (Physical Education) Choose one of your teaching/curriculum areas and critically analyze how it has adapted (and continues to adapt) to incorporate culturally responsive and socially critical perspectives (consider for example, curriculum development and implementation etc) (LO5 & 7). 

Topic 2: Cross-Curricular Priority Analysis Topic 2 Critically analyze the underpinning philosophies and practical implementation strategies related to one cross-curricular priority (e.g, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures; Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia; or Sustainability) (LO4)

Topic 3: Compare and Contrast of General Capabilities Topic 3 Choose one of the following general capabilities: literacy, numeracy or ICT; AND one of the following: critical and creative thinking, personal and social capability, ethical understanding or intercultural understanding. Compare and contrast the implementation of your two chosen general capabilities (LO4).