In a 750-1,000 word analysis, and keeping the district, parents, students, teachers, and the media in mind, address the following:

Management and Operational Systems

Identify the main decisions that must be made.
Identify additional information needed to inform your decision.
Human, Fiscal, and Technological Resources

Organize staff to ensure the safety of students and consistency of response.
Identify additional resources needed to ensure safety of students and staff.
Safety and Welfare of Students and Staff

Identify legal rulings regarding the safety and welfare of students and staff to consider in making a decision.
Identify district policy regarding the safety and welfare of students and staff that might affect a decision.
Collaboration with Faculty and Community

Identify possible stakeholders involved in the decision-making and/or affected by the recommended solution.
Solution and Rationale

Explain your solutions for addressing the situation.
List action steps you would take to implement the solutions, including a timeline for implementing them.
Provide a rationale for your proposed solutions. Explain how the solution protects the welfare and safety of students and staff, complies with laws, rights, and policies, and involves appropriate stakeholders.
Cite 2-3 scholarly resources to support your analysis.