Question 1 (25 points)
Please read the case chestnut Ridge Country Club and answer the following questions.
1. Overall, how does Chestnut Ridge compare to the other three country clubs (Alden, Chalet, and Lancaster)? (5 points)

2. In what areas might Chestnut Ridge consider making improvements to attract additional members? (10 points)

3. What kind of research design is being used (exploratory, descriptive or causal research design)? Is it a good choice? (You have to provide a clear rationale (10 points).
Hint: The case has used a questionnaire. Think about what type of research design mainly uses survey approach.

Question 2 (25 points):
Comment on the short questionnaire that follows. Please list at least four issues in the questionnaire design and provide the correct design answers to these issues.
(Note: 1. Please don’t fill in the questionnaire assuming youre the survey respondent. You are not. Instead, you are the marketing researcher. 2. You have to first state the issue clearly, then redesign it, i.e., provide the correct question wording with appropriate measurement scale. For example, you find that the age category is non-exhaustive. Then you should provide the correct questionnaire item with a measure scale as below:
Age Category: ___0-18 ___19-24 ___25-34 ___35-44 ___45 & over )

Objective of the questionnaire: to determine respondent buyer intentions regarding the purchase of a new car.
Please indicate your income: _____________________
When will you buy your next car? ____________
Age Category: ___0-18 ___19-24 ___35-44 ___45 & over
How much will you spend on your next car? ___________
List the types of cars you will consider in your next purchase:
What is the make and model of your present car? __