• ractice anchoring quotations
  • Create a sample footnote/endnote using Chicago Manual of Style
  • Apply the process of uploading papers through Canvas
  • Demonstrate CORE Objectives: Communication, Personal Responsibility and Social Responsibility


This assignment is intended as practice for submitting papers through Canvas and for using Chicago Manual of Style (the history style guide) formatting when writing papers.  (The Helpful References Module has handouts and a PowerPoint presentation to walk you through using the Chicago Manual of Style for this class.)  The papers are then evaluated by TurnItIn.com.  Be sure you upload it properly and completely. 

  • Upload a sample (word document) that includes:
    • Your name, first and last
    • Two properly anchored and formatted quotations, with one being from a website AND one coming from your textbook.  Include a proper Chicago Manual of Style footnote or endnote for each.  
        • Be sure you include a signal phrase to anchor each of your quotations and place your quotations in quotation marks.
        • Insert and format your footnotes/endnotes correctly.
        • See your Rules for Writers for directions and samples.
    • A list of five grammar/formatting rules you need to follow.
        • These should be from your Rules for Writers, Grammar and Chicago Manual of Style Handout posted on Canvas.
    • A Bibliography containing the source information for the sources that you used.