4. They may also be subject to peer pressure, sometimes even unconsciously.   2022 Latest Answers  

Especially those of us who are very close with our family or friends may want  

approval from them, but if they are traditionalists, they will not encourage anything out of the ordinary, or anything that may require you to move away.  

5. They may face self-imposed blockades, which so many people maintain, such  

as self-esteem issues, or fear for what others may think of them, which prohibits them from wading into areas outside of their mental comfort zone  

(Lavine, 2009 ).  

6. They are subjected to a highly routine-based (mechanistic) environment, which  

does not encourage critical thinking, because the actions to be applied are highly  

repetitive. This is why we often see telephone operators, checkout clerks, and  

airline personnel sleepwalk through their days, mechanically fulfi lling the tasks  

that were outlined for them (Langer & Moldoveanu, 2000 ).  

7. They may come from cultures or living environments where mindfulness was  

punished, or where mindless following was rewarded (