This assignment focuses on the  United States Federal Marshall. On the other hand, it touches on the Judiciary Branch Of Government.

The United States Federal Marshall-Judiciary Branch Of Government

The United States Federal Marshall.  Write a Research Paper about the United States Federal Marshall. Also, Include A: Literacy Review B: Introduction What is a Federal Marshall? What is the Judiciary Branch Of Government. Also, The Mission D: History Of U.S Federal Marshall Founded In 1789 Who Founded the US Federal Marshall E: Rank Structure Chief of Staff. Then,Office of General Counsel. … Deputy Director of the U.S. Marshals Service. Chief of District Affairs., also, Associate Director for Operations. Judicial Security Division. … Chief Financial Officer.

Financial Services Division. Also, Associate Director for Administration. Training Division. F: Specialized Units G: Requirements Of Becoming A Federal Marshalls.  Fitness Test Medical exam Nomination by the US President Confirmed by the senate Background investigation Polygraph H: US Federal Marshal Training 18 week Training  Academy. So, At least a 70 on every exam Physical and Educational Components Have to Run 10 Miles through Terrain Court Security Defence tactics Driver training Firearm training High threat trials I: Policies And Procedures.

The United States Federal Marshall-Judiciary Branch Of Government

USE Of force Procedures – UNK Rank Structure J: Internal Affairs Office of Professional Responsibility K: CCRB / Reporting a Complaint USMS is dedicated to providing exceptional service to the public through a commitment to excellence in job performance. USMS employees are carefully selected, also, held to the highest standards, and provided with the best training available. We are committed to that objective, recognizing that we do not tolerate prejudice.  Abuse, or any other improper acts by our agency or its employees. If you wish to file a complaint you may contact USMS Internal Affairs via: Email: Telephone: Fax: Mail: L: Punishment.  Due To Misconduct M: CRIME / Criminals , What Kind OF Crime do they deal with ? 

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