Write a Theological Research Article on Ecclesial Leadership for an organizational leadership journal of your choice. Please include the Abstract, Introduction, 75 References and the final Appendix Page. Use the journal scope of your theological enquiry, and the research methodology you intend to employ the focus of your paper

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Ecclesial Leadership is considered as the procedure whereby an individual answers God’s call to follow the example of Christ hence fulfilling the will of God and influence other people to fulfill God’s will either personally or corporately. This approach is used in transforming the leadership styles as well as the methodologies used to reach the community or the church (Banks, 2013). In addition, Ecclesial Leadership seeks to increase the capacity of the organization by aligning the core values and purposes. The approach considers the New Testament participatory leadership where the leadership style is determined by the situational needs of the church respectively. For instance, the book of Acts 13 demonstrates a theocratic leadership style…

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