“The study of cardiovascular blood flow”
Paper details:
Develop a phrase (or phrases) that you would use to describe your topic.

FYI : My phrase is “The study of cardiovascular blood flow”, which is also know as hemodynamic monitoring

Search for the topic in one of the nursing related databases using this phrase(s). (You may have to use a combination of phrases to find exactly what you want.)
Select one peer-reviewed article Research Article
Write a two page APA formatted paper on your peer-reviewed article. Begin with a title page (look in the APA manual for a properly constructed title page), but do not include that page in the two content pages assigned. Include all of the following:
Describe how you searched for your topic. What search terms did you use? Did you revise your search words?
Chose two peer-reviewed NURSING references and explain why you chose these two references instead of others. (Also consider the expertise of author/authors, and the content and readability of the articles you have chosen.)
Reflect upon what you have learned in creating this assignment:
Give a concise (brief) summary of the one peer reviewed article you used.

Search for a peer reviewed article published within the last 3-4 years specifically focusing on evidence-based practice in nursing on your topic of interest.