Detailed Instructions


       You have been engaged as a management consultant by Scylace plc, a grocery retail chain. You have been asked to evaluate two alternative proposals for building a new superstore and a proposal to make a takeover bid for Helibeb plc. You have the option to build the superstore at one of two locations. Using the figures which you have calculated in your examination, write a report with recommendations on whether to build either or both of the two superstores and on whether to make a bid for Helibeb plc.

If you recommend that (a) both superstores should be built or (b) at least one superstore should be built while Scylace also seeks to acquire Helibeb, you must provide a recommendation on which investments should take priority if resources are insufficient to make all the investments you are recommending. Your report must contain: 1. An executive summary (up to 300 words) 2. An introduction (up to 200 words)

Quick Response

As a management consultant is the types of strategic alternatives. Examples of strategic alternatives include liquidation, turnaround, divestiture, stability, diversification, and concentration (Ginter, Duncan, & Swayne, 2018). However, the above alternatives are determined by the focused value, technically sound, definition, comprehensiveness and the capacity to promote collaborations. The idea is to promote the profitability of the superstores while considering approaches that help the business to be competitive amidst other aspects that are influenced by external factors. The takeover bid is the most suitable alternative since the store is already established, which saves on the cost associated with startups. The employees will be retained due to their skills. However, they will undergo training to help them embrace the organizational culture…


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