The Role of Culture
Part 1: ( The lives of others )
summarize your findings and explain how your case/article relates to the materials discussed in the chapter and post your written summary Main topics you should know(This is the topics that I learned from the book). You can also find the book chapter 4 on this link: Please make sure you also consider which of Hofstedes 5 dimensions of culture apply when you read and discuss and then summarize the cases. Reminder that the dimensions are a reference to a culture global environments mean you need to address issues that arise from cross cultural influences and it is important to understand the various dimensions might come across in order to be effective at cross cultural management techniques. You should also conduct research, including any latest updates, and include them in your Discussion posts. Remember your summary should include your thoughts as to how or why the case relates to a particular topic in this chapter. I also attched the ppt for chapter 4.
Part 2:
Read this article: Singaporeans and HK folk rush in for huge grouper in noodle soup (the file for part 2 is giant grouper in noodle soup) and watch this video What Street Foods Look Like Around The World (, then discuss how and why you think food might have something to do with a culture as discussed in the topics of this Chapter.
Please answer the question very detail and also follow the instruction also.