Write a literature review on Media and shared cultural memory. Focus on different media and technologies, such as text and image, the cinema and the new digital media (OTT Networks, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBOMax), on transmediality, intermobility, and remediation, as well as on the social (and increasingly transnational and transcultural) contexts of mediated memory.
The Literature Review is to be consistent with merging communication theory. This literature review of the existing literature on the research topic should include:
Background literature
Current ongoing research
Opportunities or Gaps in the existing body of literature
The Literature Review must include 40 scholarly journal articles and/or other credible sources published in the last five years.
The review must concisely and cohesively connect the body of literature on the research topic. Of the references, 95 percent should be primary sources, such as peer-reviewed journal articles and academic books (not textbooks).