Marketing Plan Project – Step 5


Required Textbook – (Marshall, G. W., & Johnston, M. W. (2019). Marketing Management (3rd ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill Higher Education.  Print ISBN: 9781259637155, 1259637158  eText ISBN: 9781260157857, 1260157857)


 ** Assignment 


Promotional Strategy

The purpose of Step 5 in the marketing plan is to develop an integrated promotion strategy for your business venture from among digital and legacy elements.  The strategy should describe all the promotional activities that will work together synergistically to communicate consistent and relevant messaging. The promotion strategy should communicate and promote a cohesive message to consumers, partners, intermediaries, and other stakeholders toward the attainment of the firm’s goals and objectives. 

1. Explain if the promotion strategy is intended to inform, persuade, or remind.

2. Select a push, pull, or combination promotional strategy and provide your rationale.

3. Develop a single-line promotional campaign theme.

4. Compose a paragraph of copy that supports the campaign theme. The copy should fit into a 60 second advertising spot if it were to air on television or radio.

5. Illustrate creative and visual imagery to be used for a print ad. Include one or two sentences of copy that is consistent with the campaign theme.

6. Assemble a detailed promotion mix for your campaign that is consistent with your choice of a push or pull strategy.  by selecting from the following digital and legacy promotional elements


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