The paper needs to be a research paper on some topic on the prehistoric southwest in the USA ( environment or the indigenous peoples who lived there….their relationship with the environment). In text citations (NO FOOTNOTES) Double space, 12 font, Times New Roman, and academic sources only.

More about Prehistoric Southwest US

People lived in this arid to semi-arid landscape for more than 13,000 years prior to the Europeans arrival, a period archaeologists now call the “precontact” or “prehispanic” era, though some still refer to “prehistory” and “prehistoric” sites or objects. Precisely, the Greater Southwest us an extensive area, which include Southern Utah, New Mexico. The regions also include Arizona,  Southern Colorado, Western Texas,  and Northwest Mexican states of Chihuahua and Sonora.

Prehistoric Cultures

You may also want to focus on prehistoric cultures. In this case, the American Southwest has been home to a diversity of cultures for as much as 13,000 years. According to National Park service, the earliest people lived during the terminal years of the Pleistocene, a time when megafauna such as mammoths still populated the region.

Major culture areas in the Southwest U.S. included the Mogollon, the Ancestral Pueblo, and the Hohokam. All of these groups were settled farmers, but there are key differences among them. Other archaeological culture areas in the Greater Southwest include Patayan, Sinagua, Casa Grandes, and Trincheras.

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