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You work for a business consultancy firm as a trainee business consultant. The company offers advisory services on a range of issues. Your company is approached by one of its clients who is about to open up a restaurant business in a local area. In prior to start the business, the client wants to find out how McDonald’s operations can impact on its activities. In order to advise your client, you are required to carry out both primary and secondary research to discover the possible ways McDonalds can impact on this new business setup in the local community.

As part of this task, you have to write a project proposal to your line manager to outline how you will carry out the actual study for the client. Once your proposal is accepted, you will have to use relevant research approaches to collect data, analysis it and interpret it and discuss it in your final report to the client.

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Multinational corporations investing in host nations influence the countries in several ways. One of the ways they influence the host countries includes helping the citizens and the host country to advance their technology and skills (Molero, 2013). This helps in technology, knowledge and skills transfer. This directly benefits the host country especially the developing countries. On the other hand, investing in other countries has the capacity of forcing the local entities out of business especially if they have no capacity to compete with the new company. This is because multinational companies are equipped well with skills and resources hence have an upper hand than the local ideas. In the case of McDonald’s…

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