Research papers are a critical means of disseminating new ideas and discoveries within
academia. Moreover, the ability to formulate a research topic, conduct research and analysis, and
formulate a written narrative is a valuable skill set that translates across numerous disciplines,
fields, and industries. You are tasked with expanding upon the Annotated Bibliography/
Prospectus Assignment to create your research paper.
You will write an 810-page research paper in the current Turabian format. It will be written on
an element of the Reagan presidency or a related pressing issue from the 1970s and 1980s. The
paper must include at least 8 primary sources and 8 secondary sources in addition to the course
textbooks and the Bible. Pages must be numbered, and you must include a title page and
bibliography, which do not count toward the total page count for the assignment.
This paper will build upon the Annotated Bibliography/Prospectus Assignment submitted
earlier in the course. Therefore, your chosen research topic will have been approved by the
instructor upon grading the Annotated Bibliography/Prospectus Assignment.