Detailed Instructions


         You are the sole appellate judge in the nation of Pacifica, a new nation-state that has emerged from the west coast of the United States with no previous court decisions of its own. You have been confronted with two challenging cases and must now decide which of the two you will spend your limited judicial energies on – you are departing on a very important summer golf cruise in two weeks and thus want to be finished in order to make launch. Once you choose your case, you will need to consider the evidence before you as it stands in the documents below, since appellate judges cannot look behind the record of the lower court’s findings of fact.

More about this task:

       The instructors expect a demonstration of the ability to prioritize a case and balance work and leisure activity. One case is expected to be chosen based on the details of the case with a focus on the length likely to be taken to solve the case. The two cases entail evidence that is worth identifying and discussing, which elaborates on the rationale for making the choice on one of the two cases. It is essential to link the case with Pacifica’s law, economics, and public policy respectively. The expected paper should entail the opinion that focuses on the assessment of the details of the case as opposed to the identification.

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