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Logistics and its Impact for a company of your own choice, write a 1,750 -word report to address the following tasks, you need to be practical in your approach and ensure adequate research. Assignment Tasks:1. Analyse the relationship between Supply chain management and logistics management and assess the significance of effective logistics management in achieving long term organisational success. (LO1) 2. What do you understand by an ERP, analyse how an ERP can help the chosen organisation to improve its customer satisfaction, while reducing its cost, with a focus on ecommerce? Provide detailed analysis and support your answer with examples, in relevance to your chosen organisation. (LO2)

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IKEA deals with multiple products daily. This movement of goods from one location to another destination calls for elaborate logistics systems that ensure that all products are delivered to their respective destinations in a timely manner and hence promoting the satisfaction of their partners. IKEA has considered ERP software to help in customization and analyzing the data in their system as well as handle upgrades with ease. In this case, the ERP helps in managing procurement along with other business departments including customer services, procurement, production, accounting, distribution, and sales among other significant component of the enterprise CITATION Sou14 l 1033  (Sousa & Oz, 2014). Customer satisfaction is influenced by the capacity of the system incorporating communication and linking respective departments to logistics hence promoting timely delivery….Do you need Assignment help from is one of the best essay help websites on the internet

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