This assignment entails Lutheranism and Anabaptism proliferation. There is also a description of the Lifestyle of a 16th century Calvinist. So, explain himportant was the Inquisition to the Counter-Reformation.

Lifestyle of a 16th century Calvinist-Lutheranism and Anabaptism proliferation

Firstly, choose TWO of the following questions and answer them as thoroughly as you can. (include the question in your answer, please). You may use any type of source, but you must have at least three (3) sources. You may have no more than two (2) sources of any one type (audio, video, print). Why did Lutheranism proliferate while Anabaptism did not? Were the 1500s a time of religious freedom or religious oppression? Why? Secondly, describe the lifestyle of a 16th century Calvinist. Why were the Jesuits such an important tool of the Counter-Reformation? How important was the Inquisition to the Counter-Reformation? Use the keywords in the above questions as your kick-off points, such as Lutheranism, Calvinism, Reformation, Counter-Reformation, Jesuits, Inquisition and Anabaptism. Mix up the sources you use among books (short ones), films, documentaries, podcasts, videos and whatever else you can find. Be creative!

Lifestyle of a 16th century Calvinist-Lutheranism and Anabaptism proliferation

While Lutheranism was largely confined to parts of Germany and to Scandinavia, Calvinism spread into England, Scotland, France, the Netherlands, the English-speaking colonies of North America, and parts of Germany and central Europe. This expansion began during Calvin’s lifetime and was encouraged by him. Religious refugees poured into Geneva, especially from France during the 1550s as the French government became increasingly intolerant but also from England, Scotland, Italy, and other parts of Europe into which Calvinism had spread. Calvin welcomed them, trained many of them as ministers, sent them back to their countries of origin to spread the Gospel, and then supported them with letters of encouragement and advice.

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