Detailed Instructions


You will write a scholarly paper based on best instructional practices. Frame your paper focused on middle school science to generate ideas for application as you write your 5 to 7-page paper. Write from the middle school science perspective and examples should be based on best practices for that age group. Within this paper you will address the following areas (please remember to stay focused on your chosen context): • Describe your context (e.g., grade/subject taught, description of the student population) o How learning occurs • Explain how learning occurs in the context you described • Include a concise description that addresses the relevance of the learning theories discussed in this course to your beliefs about effective learning for your context. Based on the tenants of their theories, identify those theorists that best align with your beliefs about learning and explain the alignment(s). • Best practices for achieving the learning process in the context you described.

Quick Response

Learning is considered to be changed in attitude and behavior due to education, training, experience, and practice. This approach is used in provoking the interaction between self and the world. Theories encourage different approaches but often have similar goals (Haselgrove & Hogarth, 2013). That explains that learning theory application depends on personal preferences and vantage viewpoint depending on the existing situation. Examples of such theories include behavioral, humanistic, cognitive, and psychoanalytic theories respectively. The best practices for achieving the learning process entails the use of summative assessments to structure meaningful goals, illustrate the criteria and models suitable to the needs, assessing the needs and matching the needs to the suitable theory…

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