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      This essay outlines the influence of Islamic philosophy on the development of education system in (the UAE or any country) and argues that Islamic philosophy is foundational in each stage of the development of schools and educational institutional.

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      Formal education was introduced in 1953 in the UAE. That led to the introduction of schools across the country, which was funded by Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt and Bahrain among others. Education in UAE and other Islamic states are observed from two perspectives. The first one acknowledges studies from a secular approach, where Islam is studied as a civilization or religion. On the other hand, studies are seen as a traditional Islamic perspective where Islam is considered the umbrella term for religious sciences CITATION Rid17 l 1033  (Ridge, et al., 2017). The state faces challenges due to focus on primary subjects including English language, Mathematics and Science, Music, Health and Physical education, Art, Social Studies, Islamic, and Arabic languages respectively. This demands the expansion of the curriculum context to enhance competence.

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