Critically evaluate a situation in practice where the importance of teamwork, leadership and effective communication is central to delivering patient care and your role as nursing associate in inter professional practice.

Structure for Writing the Essay:
An Introduction
Demonstrate an underpinning knowledge of what teamwork, leadership is and its impact in enhancing inter-professional practice in the clinical setting
Describe key concepts: Leadership, Teamwork, Communication and relate this to high quality care.
Conduct relevant and contemporary research to support your work, indicating what research approach you adopted and why?
Outline relevant healthcare guidelines and policies on teamwork, effective communication and leadership and how this impacts practice.
Demonstrate how you have supported teamwork/inter-professional practice in care delivery, referencing the particular experience in practice.
Recommendations/limitations/conclusions and how this would be applied to your future practice as a Nursing Associate.
A comprehensive reference list adhering to UEL’s referencing guidelines