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Your report must cover the following: 1. An overview of the organization. 2. An explanation of the purpose of the HR function and the key roles and responsibilities of the HR function. Also, assess how the functions of HRM can provide talent and skills appropriate to fulfil business objectives. 3. An assessment of the approach to workforce planning, recruitment and selection, development and training, performance management and reward systems. Critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment and selection, supported by specific examples

Quick Response

ALDI is a multinational retailer dealing with food. It has been existing since 1913 and has grown its reputation since its establishment. The company has over 7,000 stores from a global perspective. The organizational structure of ALDI is flat according to (Brandes & Brandes, 2015). However, HR has the power of contributing to the selection and hiring process. This is because the identification of talent and skills and employing them is one of the primary mandates of the HRM. In addition, HR is mandated in ensuring that the employees are trained to enhance their skills and hence contribute towards service delivery improvements and character development as well. The company ought to maintain their standards despite being situated in various countries. Therefore, HR has to ensure that the employees maintain the organizational culture.

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