Read the instructions carefully
You must use the website mentioned in the solution
Avoid plagiarism
Write the sources in APA format
financial performance of a company is important to different
stakeholders such as investors, employees, and creditors. Understanding
the financial statements and how to evaluate them is important to make
good financial decisions. Financial ratios are used to determine the
health of a company. Ratios are a tool used to analyze the finances of
the company using the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow
Samsung &apple companies in the same industry from the SEC Edgar website to find two public companies.
1. Compare the firms profits for the past two years.
2. Compute the working capital for each firm.
3. Determine the price-earnings (P/E) ratio.
4. Calculate the debt-to-equity ratio.
what each calculation tells you about the firm. Are they a good
investment? Compare the two companies and explain which is the better
investment and why.
Try to make sure that your selected companies are different than your classmates.
are required to reply to at least two peer discussion question post
answers to the weekly discussion question. These peer replies need to be
substantial and constructive in nature. They should add to the content
of the post and evaluate/analyze that answer. Normal course dialogue
does not fulfill these two peer replies but is expected throughout the
course. Answering all course questions is also required.