marketing management report
Paper details:
Maximum report length: 11 pages in total, broken down the following way- 8 pages oftex.t plus 3
pages of exhibits. All pages of text should be 8.5″x11″, formatted with one-inch margins on all sides,
double spaced, Times New Roman, 12-pt font, in MS Word. The report should be written in concise
and complete sentences and include headings.
Reports should include a one -page executive summary, which will not be included in the stated page
limit. This summary should also be formatted with one-inch margins on all sides, Time New Roman,
12-pt font. The executive summary may be single-spaced. This summary should appear at the beginning
of the report and should include a complete statement of the major issue(s) in the case and a summary of major recommendations from the report.

All reports must be typewritten. The document must be submitted in .docx (MS Word) format as one
single document.