The assignment focuses on The Electoral College-increasing controversy today. From a democratic perspective, a constitution should serve as a guarantee of the rights of people.

The Electoral College-increasing controversy today

Firstly, write a Times New Roman, standard margins, double spaced, and with no extraneous spacing. Secondly Use at least two quotes from the readings that are relevant to the question you asked. Make sure your paper file is in or PDF format. The Electoral College is a topic of increasing controversy today, but this has been the case since it was originally proposed.

The Electoral College-increasing controversy today

The readings for this topic include both a defense of the idea, and a criticism of it. Read the section of the Constitution establishing the system and the two additional essays, then evaluate the arguments both for and against the Electoral College. What arguments do the two sides make? What rationale or evidence do they present? At the conclusion of your essay, provide your own view of which side you find most convincing, or what kinds of problems you see in their arguments. Feel free to provide any additional comments you may have about the Electoral College as it works today. Finally, from an institutional perspective, a constitution can compared to articles of association. Also regulating the governance of an organization. From a democratic perspective, a constitution should serve as a guarantee of the rights of people. Also, it should serve as a barrier against attempts to introduce authoritarian rule. From a political perspective, a constitution determines and legitimizes the sovereign power holder and the main institutions and procedures through which the sovereign acts.

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