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Please answer one of the following:


1. On page 11, the author is talking about people who are relying on God’s forgiveness to save them from eternal punishment. The idea the author is working on is people who act immorally but play the odds that they can ask God for forgiveness before they die. The author claims this is not a characteristic of a good character. Do you agree? Why or why not?


2. Some people believe that God is the author of our moral rules; some people do not believe that God is the author of our moral rules. Set aside who is right and who is wrong as immaterial for a moment and answer this question: is there a way to compromise between these two positions where both sides can agree? (For this question, assume you cannot convince the other person they are wrong and you will forever have to agree to disagree)


3. Could you determine someone’s moral character without knowing if they believe in God? (Or if you’d like to answer a different version of the same idea: do you think a person can be moral if they don’t believe in God and act according to that belief?)