Listen and Learn
In order to understand the full context of the situation, youll need to delve into the history of both Microsoft and Amazon. What is the history of both companies over the last few decades, what have their performance appraisal systems looked like, how has culture changed at these organizations over the years, and what is it like now?
Empathize and Examine
What was going on at these companies (or in the economy, etc.) over these time periods that might have influenced the different performance appraisal programs and/or the culture?
Assess and Analyze
What are the possible strengths and weaknesses of the different performance appraisal systems that the two companies have used over the years, and what are the possible ways that performance appraisal processes influenced company culture and vice versa?
Some questions to think about include:
Perspectives of the different stakeholders
Potential legal issues
Potential ethical implications
Design and Deliver
Your assignment is to consider what you have discovered during your research and write Research Paper, including your specific recommendations for both companies as well as your personal thoughts on which organization culture would be a better fit for you, personally.