This assignment focuses on the Reason behind the convicts histories. There is also a description of Registery of births and deaths.

Reason behind the convicts histories-Registery of births and deaths

The structure of this essay should be based on those three different topics to draw on the conclusion of how they used to live and the real reason behind the convicts histories. 1)Village Hampton, 2) professional criminals 3) convicts workers. So,  use all 5 convicts indent records, the old Bailey records, the NSW Stat archives Records, and the Registery of births and deaths & marriages records that I have already did the researching and provided for you under each convict’s name.

I want you to use all the historical background information I provided for you to have a complete understanding of each convict’s life to match it to each category the Village Hampton, the professional criminals and the convicts workers in my 2000 words essay. Also mention that we cannot find all convicts records because not all are recorded. Also not all records are 100% reliable under each convict that we can not find further information about.

Reason behind the convicts histories-Registery of births and deaths

The five Convicts: James Blackford John Redford Henry Jackson John Woodbridge Edwin Norrie.  Base all the essay on those five convicts by using the structure of those three, Hampton village, professional criminals and the convicts works, for the conclusion of who were the convicts? Where they mistreating because of their poverty or born into one? And then see were all five convicts fit in what category, village Hampton? professional criminal? or the convict works? By using all the readings, I provided for you, also my argument, along with my summary and all the researches I have done. Use all the information I provided you regarding the convicts date of freedom, marriages, staring a family, who are their families (mentioning names). Where they lived and the date of their deaths. So, If there is no further information found, mention there is no further information found. 

Detailed Instructions


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