The Conversational Leader as a Mindful Individual   2022 Latest Answers  

Conversational leaders who understand human dynamics and are sensitive to the  

interactional context around them prove to be mindful individuals. Mindfulness  

implies realizing what’s new or different in specifi c settings, whether in the external  

environment or in one’s own reactions and responses. It embraces the capability to  

openly receive diverse signals, including signals that are faint or at odds with previous experience, in that the focus is on perceiving directly, without immediately  

analyzing, categorizing, or judging. Mindful leaders allow themselves to stay with  

uncertainty as to its meaning and signifi cance (Dunoon & Langer, 2012 ).  

Conversational leadership rooted in a constructionist and context-driven perspective on relationship management and dialogue with stakeholders relies on  

mindfulness also in that leaders recognize in each moment that the issues are dealing with are likely to be contentious. These issues appear differently to those  

involved and there is no single path through to resolution.