The concept of “Home” within the Romani diaspora and its representation in the film: Time of the Gypsies

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I hope that you’re doing well. The topic of my thesis revolves around the gypsy question which remains a topical issue that is at the centre of an endless philosophical and anthropological debate on identity and difference. As you can see in the thesis plan that i joined as a sperate file, i divided my research into two major parts: 1st part which deals with film analysis and the second part which explores the cultural and ethnographic aspect of the “Home concept” within the Romani diaspora. Could you please work on the second part of the research since I’ve already started analysing the film. You’ll certainly notice that the 2nd part has been divided into sub-parts (Highlighted in Blue). You can either work according to the suggested structure or provide a different one. Also, i enlisted some of the references that you could use in the research, you can also add other ones if needed. I will also attach my thesis statement for better understating of the topic.

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