Select a community where you would like to learn about the various resources that are available for children. Include both educational and extracurricular services and opportunities; provide a description of each, their hours of availability, the staff quality and training, and the number of children each serves. After writing about the resources located, discuss to what extent you have observed each facility offers a quality experience for children. Last (one third of your paper), analyze what you feel are the additional services needed in the community in order to assist children to achieve both academic success and personal growth and safety in the community. The minimum word count for this paper is 3000

Quick Responses

Community Resources for Children is an example of a platform that was established to help to pool and providing resources for early care as well as their education in Napa County (Community Resources for Children, 2019). Therefore, the resource center is primarily educational in nature. The Community Resources for Children is only available during the day from 09:00 am to 4:00 pm on weekdays and remains closed on weekends and public holidays. The childcare professionals provide technical assistance at the resource center. The center has a toy library as well. However, to enhance personal growth and cognitive development, the institution should add toys and role-playing activities to help them develop skills in arguments…

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