For this assignment, write a report on the topic of Communication systems and Internet Technology Threats to Privacy (ITTP). Please include the following information into your report: Discuss the legal issues related to computer and Internet technology networks Identify three of the social and ethical issues related to electronic technology systems. Describe the flowchart analysis of Internet threats to privacy. Your report should be 10 – 15 pages. Use Microsoft Word to write your paper. Cite your sources using the APA style guide. Discuss you analysis of your research and be sure to provide your conclusions. Your report should incorporate a minimum of two credible sources. Include a flowchart analysis of the system. It is expected that your writing will be clear and concise and free of spelling and grammar errors.

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Every organization depends on communication to have a successful business and run daily activities successfully. The communication systems and the computer systems are, however, faced with numerous challenges including cyber threats and privacy issues. Privacy is considered one of the hotly debated topic when it comes to technology. This is with the consideration of the extent the technology plays in storing, manipulating and using company data. Loss of this data or exposure of the data has the capacity of attracting financial losses to the company (Ziegeldorf, 2013). The legal issues related to computer and internet technology such as cyber threats needs to handled efficiently to minimize the chances of exploitation and loss of data as well when carrying out company functions…Do you need Assignment help from is one of the best essay help websites on the internet

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