The assignment focuses on The Civil Rights Movement. Additionally, there is  a description of Media Policy Agenda. So, you’ll inspect the role of the media in disseminating information. 

The Civil Rights Movement – Media Policy Agenda

For this assignment, you’ll choose one of the two following activities. Firstly, choose a historic political issue from the 20th or 21st Century and briefly describe it. (Examples might include: The Women’s Suffrage Movement, The Civil Rights Movement, abortion, Second Amendment rights, The New Deal, Brexit, etc. Secondly, this does NOT have to be solely from U.S. History. Thirdly, you’ll briefly describe the issue and the political actors involved – lobbying/interest groups, political figures, governmental agents, public personalities – folks or groups who played a major part in or offered an opinion on the topic. For this activity, you’ll inspect the role of the media in disseminating information about the issue to the public over a period of time.

The Civil Rights Movement – Media Policy Agenda

You won’t necessarily be able to demonstrate agenda-setting (unless you have access to old historic newspapers/documents to show what was prioritized), so instead, I’d like you to look for headlines or historic articles written as the issue was evolving – and analyze how the media followed the societal change (if anything changed) through language. Did the media “shape” the story with their words? Did they try to “prime” audiences who already had opinions in any way? Were interest groups or individuals trying to “frame” the issue in the media, and were they successful (and in what ways)?

The Civil Rights Movement – Media Policy Agenda

Did a policy agenda emerge in response to media or public demand? 2) As the book notes, many lament “political games” that are played, but in fact “these are endemic to democracy” (p. 154). You’ll choose a contemporary political story/event – something within the past five years. 

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