The assignment concentrates on The Cardigan and business- law effects on business. Also, examine how law affects business.

The Cardigan and business- law effects on business

Firstly, examine how law affects business. LS311-1 Assignment for Outcome 1. The Cardigans are a very progressive with the way they do business, especially with keeping up with the latest laws and cases that pertain to individual rights and the impact that the laws have on business. They are planning to introduce a new line of clothing called “Scantily Clad” with the slogan,The local television station WBLAH told Candie Cardigan that it would not air such a commercial due to content. Furthermore, that it was not appropriate for children to view it.  Freedom of Speech. Your supervising attorney, and one of CARDWARE’s Corporate Counsel, Rice E. Roni would like for you to analyze case law in your state as well as the First Amendment Freedom of Speech and determine if the Cardigans have a right to have their commercial aired or not.

The Cardigan and business- law effects on business

Be sure to discuss whether or not WBLAH is unreasonably abridging the Cardigans’ rights guaranteed to the individuals under the First Amendment. Your response is to be in the form of a memorandum instructions which are provided below. Rice E. Roni scribbled a few notes on a sheet of paper to help you with your research. Look at the case of Action for Children’s Television v. FCC. Please review the 1978 decision of the Supreme Court in Federal Communications Commission v. Pacifica Foundation – See more at: First Amendment and Censorship. (n.d.). Retrieved June 10, 2016, from Please determine if this is good law, or not and whether or not it applies to our situation. The Cardigans believe that this is old law and believe that they are protected under the First Amendment’s

Detailed Instructions


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