The assignment talks about the Capital Budgeting Decision. Also, there is a description of Sangria Topochico Financial Analysis.

The Capital Budgeting Decision – Sangria Topochico Financial Analysis

Description Requirements: -Written report with any supporting material (e.g., excel worksheet). -Communicate well in writing (i.e., typing). – 2-5 pages of analysis (typed and double-spaced) with references to an unlimited number of tables, figures, and notes attached to appendices. -Analysis preceded by a one page, double-spaced executive summary. -Show all calculations on formulas and financial work. Criteria for analysis: 1. Demonstrating an understanding of the problem in the case study (around 20% of paper) 2. Using the correct application of financial concepts and theories (around 20% of paper)

The Capital Budgeting Decision – Sangria Topochico Financial Analysis

3. Using concise writing to illustrate points (around 30% of paper) 4. Showing evidence to support conclusions and/or suggestions regarding the problem (around 30% of the paper) -Case study paper will be subject to anti-plagiarism software. Case study questions: Firstly, what are the background of the investment environment and the soda market in Mexico? secondly, what are the relevant cash flows? Thirdly, should we consider the erosion of the existing product- the regular sodas-in the analysis? Why or why not?

The Capital Budgeting Decision – Sangria Topochico Financial Analysis

Also, calculate the project’s NPV, IRR, and payback period. Fourthly, perform sensitivity analyses on sales volume, price, direct labor, materials, and energy cost. What do you observe? Additionally, what are the benefits and risks of understanding this project? 7. Should Sangria Topochico undertake this project?

Detailed Instructions


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