Write a research essay on the topic listed below. You will need to stake out your position with respect to the topic, and to provide not only evidence from the text, but also evidence from reputable scholarly articles (i.e. journal articles, book reviews, etc.) to back up your claims. You must include a minimum of 3 scholarly, reputable sources in your essay.

In “The Boston Photographs”, Ephron argues about the role of censorship in the media and news reporting. Do you believe censorship is important in the media? Use a contemporary example about censorship (contemporary meaning an example from within the last 5 years, and within Canada) to analyze your position.

Your essay must be 1,200 – 1,500 words in length (not including your Works Cited page) and must include quotations from the course reading(s) and 3 scholarly, reputable sources in MLA formatting. You must include a Works Cited page, and, as a whole, follow MLA formatting. You are free to draw upon, and cite, more than the minimum three required research sources, but no more than 5 reputable sources should be used