Detailed Instructions


This project is NOT a summary of your selected novel; instead, it is an original PLOT made by you (the author) that has the SAME MORALS/THEMES of your summer reading. This project will be presented during the first two weeks of school. Prepare a children’s book version of the novel assigned following these requirements:  Present the plot of the novel you read and make it understandable for children.  Ask yourself, “What was the MORAL of the story? What can children learn from this book? How can I explain it in a way they can understand?”

More about this assignment:

The primary objective of this assignment is to organize the motifs and the themes of the book “Thief” by Markus Zusak. After the organization, the task should illustrate the ability to take complex situations and use language suitable for a children’s book. The themes and motifs should be used to develop the moral of the story. This is to help the children understand the expected behavior and change in perspectives. It is also crucial to consider other aspects that interest children such as the use of bright colors where necessary. The book version should also consider the ability to let the children think and make their conclusions without any adult guidance.

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