You will conduct thorough research regarding The Ford Motor Company’s Pinto. It is appropriate to use the Internet. However, Wikipedia is not a reliable source and you may not cite to Wikipedia. That is not to say that you cannot find reliable sources by first going to Wikipedia and looking at the endnotes. I will set up a forum so you all can discuss the Pinto Project. Equally important, feel free to share sources and discuss any questions that you might have. In your paper, you must clearly develop each of the following:

  1. Background of the development of The Ford Pinto.
  2. Design defect the car.
  3. Knowledge of the business managers.
  4. Cost-benefit analysis, including the various options for fixing the defect.
  5. Design of other cars in the same classification.
  6. As summary of the legal cases that arose as a result of the design defect of The Ford Pinto.
  7. Whether The Ford Motor Company should have been held liable under the theory of strict product liability.
  8. A determination

Pinto Ford Motor Company

IN YOUR OPINION, whether The Ford Motor Company acted properly. In determining whether The Ford Motor Company acted properly, you should consider moral, ethical, and legal considerations. In addition,  you should clearly state what The Ford Motor Company would have done had you been in charge. Furthermore, your research needs to be included fully in your paper, citing your resources appropriately. Do not include long quotes. You must use a minimum of five credible sources. You will need to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Your paper should be in MLA format, including the Works Cited page. Your paper should be well organized. Use headings to clearly identify each section required above.

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