To analyze and identify the arguments of Socrates/Plato in their most famous writings.

After completing the readings and these summaries for the Apology (Links to an external site.), Crito (Links to an external site.), Republic (Links to an external site.) (also found on the Module 2 Overview Page), please provide clear and well supported answers to the following questions:

What are the major charges against Socrates and who has accused him? (Apology)
How does Socrates immediately respond after being found guilty of the charges? (Apology
Why does Socrates reject exile? Why does he think the Athenians would be harming themselves if they put him to death? (Apology)
What does Socrates say about the relationship between the state and the individual? (Crito)
How does Socrates come to believe he is wiser than those he questions? Explain. (Apology)
Why does Socrates think the “unexamined life is not worth living”? (Apology)
In your own words, generally explain the meaning of the “Allegory of the Cave” as if you were the one teaching it. Do your best to explain the setting and the meaning of metaphorical imagery being used – cave, fire, shadows, people chained and free, escape, the Sun. (Republic) (20 points)
If you are brave enough to read the originals, here are links to the Apology (Links to an external site.), Crito (Links to an external site.) and Republic (Links to an external site.)

Questions 1-6 are worth 5 points. Question 7 is worth 20 points for a total of 50 points for the assignment. Please number your answers.

Your paper should be double-spaced.
Please number your answers.
Your paper needs to be formatted according to MLA style. Some of this includes using a 12pt. font and setting 1 margins all the way around. There are many good online resources for formatting papers according to MLA (see Start Here Buttonmodule for the some good writing resources).
Be sure to submit the paper before the deadline (see syllabus policy).
Type up your answers using one of these file formats – .doc, .docx, or .rtf