Detailed Instructions


Select a specific community of interest to you. The community can be a demographic group (eg. race/ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, etc.), a geographical area (eg. state, city, region), or some combination of the two. The community should be specific enough so that you can identify research articles about the group, but broad enough so that you have a sufficient amount of information to discuss in the project. An example of a community you might choose is African American women in the southeast US. Describe the community you selected. Be sure to include information about why the community should be focused on and what some of the population’s unique characteristics are (eg. location, behaviors, socioeconomic status, culture, etc.). Describe the health issues affecting the community. Be sure to include information about what the health issues are and the prevalence and incidence of the health issues in the community. Focus specifically on those health issues that are more prevalent in the selected community than the population overall. Explain the determinants of health for the selected population. That is, explain why the selected community experiences higher rates of particular health issues and what is influencing their health status. Refer back to the characteristics of the community in the second bullet


Quick Response

The African-Americans living in the Southern United States are commonly referred to as the Black Southerners. Their region harbors the biggest African-American population in the entire United States (Sonenshein, 2004). The community prefers the blues as the genre of choice in music. This is due to its origin from the songs that slaves sang. The blues are inspired by sex, betrayal, love, poverty, and lifestyles. A significant number of the community are Christians who are protestants. Other religions available in the southern United States includes Hindus, Muslims, Jewish, and Buddhists. The death rate for the African Americans ranges at 25% according to the CDC in 2015. Almost 50% of the African Americans between the ages of 35-64 are likely to have a blood pressure than whites….

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