For this assignment, I would like for you to select a meme, tiktok, tweet, or other contemporary post that you might find on social media that directly discusses or references African American history. Analyze this material historically based on the questions and suggestions below:
What is the historical argument or thesis of the piece? What was the objective of the person who posted it?
What event, person, idea, or trend does this video discuss and how does that relate to the material weve covered in class?
Who is the author/creator of this? What do you know about them? Why might this information be significant to their argument or conclusion?
Who or what might the author be responding to? Why do you think they posted it? What kind of statement are they making?
What kind of evidence does it provide? Does it offer primary sources? Secondary sources? Documents? Visual evidence?
How is that evidence used in support of the argument/thesis?
Your analysis should be written in complete sentences and paragraphs. A title is optional, but always helpful and appreciated. You should have an introduction, an argument, and a conclusion. The analysis should be at least 500 words and please, no more than 2000.