This assignment focuses on critical analysis of Team Participation  in health care management. The critical analysis for the area selected must be NO longer than 8 pages in length

Team Participation critical analysis-health care management

Students must identify the importance of the area chosen, write a well-researched and thought out critical analysis (with all facts supported by the literature) and then discuss how you will integrate the information from the critical analysis/research section to help YOU improve YOUR own individual management style (improvement/enhancement). The critical analysis for the area selected must be NO longer than 8 pages in length.  MUST also,  contain a minimum of 7 references (no older than 10 years). All facts MUST be supported with citations from the literature. Your personal improvement/enhancement for the area you select must reflect the information you researched in the critical analysis section (2 pages). Grading criteria: Introduction to the importance of the area you selected to health care management . Critical analysis of the area selected: problem solving, decision making, delegation, team participation, conflict management, motivation, and performance evaluation .Besides,   (All facts MUST  supported by the literature.

Team Participation critical analysis-health care management

Integration of improvement and enhancement of YOUR personal approach to the area selected. NOTE: •Wikipedia, Dictionaries and Encyclopedias will NOT be accepted as reference sources. Also make sure that you type this research paper in a word document using the font New Times Roman size 12 for body paragraphs and 14 for titles. Once your done editing the document make sure that before you send it to me you allow me to edit it. The name of the book is (Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing -Ninth Edition by Eleanor J. Sullivan -2018 or Sullivan, E. (2018). Also,  Effective leadership and management in nursing. (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Higher Education (Either form to find the book for citation is VALID. 

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