Table Top Exercise Diplomatic and Economic Options:
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National Security senior leaders use Table-Top Exercises (TTXs) to discuss strategies and policies and/or war-game strategic decision-making and implementation. These TTXs help refine the National Security decision-making process and assist National Security leaders in developing playbooks for crisis response. Most often, TTXs are pretexted by a scenario brief called a scene-setter. This TTX will be used to coalesce the Students understanding of the elements of National power in the context of the current and emerging dimensions of National

Attached is a Scenario/scene-setter that should be viewed first. As the assignment is based on the scenario presented.
Then a template has been provided that must be followed.

Diplomatic and Economic Options: Each student will submit a 1, and 2-page scenario-driven point, and each submission will include a single page focused on Diplomatic options, and a single page of their point paper focused on Economic options (per the layout provided in the template). Each point paper will be no more than 2-pages in length. one page to cover the diplomatic options and 1 page to cover the economic options. There should be two citations per written page Length does not include the Title Page or the References Page, both of which are required for complete, fully-developed responses.