The assignment talks about the  Systems and Synthetic Biology-novel gene circuit.So, design a novel gene circuit and present it in written format.

Systems and Synthetic Biology-novel gene circuit

Assignment for Systems and Synthetic Biology (BIOL 4321) The aim of this assignment is to design a novel gene circuit and present it in written format. To perform this assignment, you will work in a group of two. Each written assignment will receive one grade for both students so please ensure that you have equally strong contribution.  From both yourself and your partner. You are free to choose your partner to write this assignment. Please email  with your partnership by Friday, January 17th, 2020. Your circuit has to be novel (i.e., new, never been shown before). It can  a variation (change in circuit components or circuit logic) on a previously developed circuit but must have a new function, which will lead to additional insight.

Systems and Synthetic Biology-novel gene circuit

The specific circuit design, and its implication, is up to you. You can choose any components (i.e., genes) that you want to build your circuit but at least two must interact in order for the circuit to work. One key component to this assignment is that your circuit has to either a) address an open question in systems biology  (e.g., examine genetic architectures that lead to oscillations), b) be used to study ecological/evolutionary question (e.g., how does engineered behavior x affect evolution) or c) have a an application (e.g., kill cancer cells). Written assignment: Your assignment should include: 1) Background information (2 pages): This section is designed to give the setup for the question that your circuit is going to address. What do we already know about the subject? Why is the subject important? 

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