The assignment explores Synthesis of Leader and Initiative. In addition, there is a description of written SWOT and Stakeholder Analysis.

Synthesis of Leader and Initiative – Written SWOT and Stakeholder Analysis

Monte Ahuja College of Business Department of Marketing Fall – 2019. Firstly, written SWOT and Stakeholder Analysis – Narrative. This is a 3-part, written assignment in which students will apply a process of identifying and evaluating SWOT analysis of your Leader from the Group Project. Firstly, leadership Analysis and Group Project. Secondly, northeast Ohio Initiative Analysis and a combination of the two providing thorough analysis of how the NEO IMPACT would be different with this leader being a critical key stakeholder. The total paper must be at least 10 pages. Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Requirement (150 Points) This is a designated WAC Course. Students will assigned writing projects that will used to evaluate writing skills.

Synthesis of Leader and Initiative – Written SWOT and Stakeholder Analysis

This is an individual assignment. According to the CSU WAC Policy ( • In order to receive a “C” or better in the course, students must write at a satisfactory skill level (“C” or better). Also, this SWOT analysis should be your own thoughts based on the information you gathered as a team. Secondly,examine what makes your leader a leader and why. Your paper should include. Defining moments and/or noteworthy actions in this person’s path to becoming a leader • Articulate the leaders legacy, the obstacles they faced/overcame and the trail left behind • Leadership traits, competencies that make this person a leader • Controversies, risks and negative impacts that may exist • Lessons to learned from this leader.

Synthesis of Leader and Initiative – Written SWOT and Stakeholder Analysis

This article presents the findings of a recently completed synthesis of leadership research conducted through the mid-1990s in Australia and New Zealand. Differences and similarities in implications between Australasia and North America identified. The implications of those findings for the profile of effective middle management business leadership generally are also discussed

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