This assignment explores Sustainable Maritime Transportation. On the other hand, it touches on  Impact on Local communities and contribute to spatial planning objectives of chosen case study cities.

Sustainable Maritime Transportation – Impact on Local communities

The assignment focuses on sustainable maritime transportation and how cruises and ships impact on local communities. And also,  contribute to spatial planning objectives of chosen case study cities. This is for Urban Planning course with a focus on placemaking, regeneration, community impacts, gentrification, economy and sustainability. All chapter/parts of a dissertation are needed as per dissertation guide attached below.  Clear Aim of the paper needs to  created followed by Objectives – based on further explanation I’ve given below.  Strong analysis  required of the journals and research papers.  Articles previously done on marine transportation/cruises/shipping and its potential impact – appropriately sourced in Harvard. In order to answer the questions an interview can  done with a local planner or government officer (anonymised) from one of case study areas or someone involved in planning/economy objectives.

Sustainable Maritime Transportation – Impact on Local communities

Also, there could be survey with local people/businesses/communities impacted by the maritime activities. It could be discussed if current industry is actually sustainable and eco-orientated.  And whether there are policies or aims to improve it in the future. What are current impacts on those areas (cities, neighbourhoods, eg. Lisbon and other Mediterraneans) where cruise liners dock. Does it bring anything to the economy? What the positive and negative impacts are all together – maybe a SWOT analysis.

Then probably analyse spatial planning objectives if they meet and aid any of these. Does it bring enhanced regeneration and placemaking to the case study areas? What are ethical aspects of cruises docking to these places? Does touch on regeneration, (sustainable) transport needs of coastal communities being analysed? This is UK based dissertation so possibly tie international examples with some of UK based examples.  And  urban planning. Findings from an interview and survey could  displayed graphically/diagrams and analysed with a conclusion and possible recommendation.

Detailed Instructions


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