The assignment concentrates on Sustainability at Rosemont College. Besides, there is also an Analysis of Strategic recommendations.

Sustainability at Rosemont College – Strategic recommendations Analysis

Description this paper does not have a specific page requirement, teacher is looking for quality over quantity, will most likely be 2-4 pages. Identify clear strategic recommendations for the addressing the sustainability challenge/opportunity. Develop a practical plan to achieving these recommendations, including risks and mitigating factors Outline an initial budget and continued costs of the recommended actions, and explain any potential economic offsets (important to keep your plan revenue neutral if possible).

Sustainability at Rosemont College – Strategic recommendations Analysis

Analyze the campus and community benefits of your plan Please see the message with a link to the proposal that you will use to base this paper off of. this paper is based off of Rosemont College campus in Bryn Mawr PA.

Tasks will include, Firstly, activate the Catholic Climate Covenant Committee to reach this goal. Secondly, involve the Rose Grow Student Committee in attaining this goal. Thirdly, include UC professors of sustainability courses in designing plan. Fourthly, establish a schedule for Rosemont College’s Observance of Earth Day including the sophomore class tradition of planting a tree on campus. Also, design a sustainable landscaping plan for storm/water run-off areas on campus (estimate has been given). Additionally, design and implement plans for healthy campus pond and streams. Also, complete the reconstruction of the campus greenhouse. Fourthly, enable Residence Life staff to maintain the spring Recycle Mania project in residence halls throughout the year. Fifthly, investigate visiting neighboring College campuses to study their bee-hive projects.

Sustainability at Rosemont College – Strategic recommendations Analysis

  • Fund the process to become a Tree USA Campus
  • Initiate a UC student-run campus garden behind Gracemere House
  • Review UC Curriculum re Courses on Sustainability to establish major and minor in field
  • Review the College Facility Company’s plan for sustainability practice re recycling, use of “green” materials etc. (Aramark Company)
  • Review the College Food Service’s plan for sustainability practice re food waste, recycling, reduced use of plastics, elimination of plastic straws, distribution of food not used at catering events, and use of water hydration station etc. (Parkhurst)

Detailed Instructions


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